“War is the Answer”

-Ted Nugent


I believe in peace through power, the lion can lay around , be lazy and content because it knows there is no animal that it need fear.  At the same time if I walk up to said lion and poke it with a blunt stick it will kill me.  Would you say the response of the lion was over kill after all I did not injure it with the stick, or would you say that it was stupid of me to poke it with a stick and I paid the price for being stupid?  The lion’s instincts dictate a response that is best suited to it’s survival , the lion may not deduce that next time I might have a sharp stick or another type of weapon but that is exactly why it’s response is justified .  


If you are sorry I forgive, if you are truly repentant I can forget.  I don’t sweat the little things and my mind is too occupied with more important things than to keep track of useless grudges; however, I do not have a short memory when it comes to the big things .   If someone has harmed me and is not repentant and has not made restitution that is someone that needs to be remembered, watched, and dealt with. (when I say “me” that is me, my family, my friends, and my country)


I am tired of having to anticipate other people’s stupidity.  If you are ignorant enough to stick your fingers under the lawnmower deck than you deserve the nickname “stumpy”, and a warning label isn’t going to help you in the long run.  Oh and coffee is supposed to be HOT.


Obesity is NOT a handicap or a disease.  STOP EATING THE TWINKIES!! And start moving. 


Just because an actor plays intelligent characters on tv or in the movies does not make them intelligent.   I’d no sooner listen to them as far as who I should elect, because they speak well, as to have them perform brain surgery on me because they play a doctor convincingly on tv.



You want racism, acting like someone is the best thing sense buttered bread just because he’s black and named Barack Hussein Obama.  With his experience, voting record, and political background if he had been named Jack Smith, had been white,  and had parents named William and Jennifer he would have gotten the big goose egg from the Democratic party.  


Did you ever stop to think, why when there is an election, large turnouts of people who don’t normally vote ( participate or stay informed) help the most liberal democratic candidates?   There policies sound good to the uninformed and promise much.  Yes Clinton reduced the deficit but how? And could these actions have had anything to do with corporate downsizing and outsourcing? Or could it have had something to do with the lack of adequate military equipment our forces have had issues with in the early part of the Iraq war?













“The world needs guts”

-Alice Cooper


“To secure peace is to prepare for war.”

-Carl von Clausewitz

“If we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known that we are at all times ready for war.”
- George Washington


I believe in the 11th commandment :

 “thou shalt not get away with it”

-Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins


Mock on Universal Health Care

Yes, I have an idea! That idea is that I do not want to pay for the health care of those that don’t take care of there health. Universal health care is nothing more than those of us who don’t get sick, don’t have mysterious back ailments, work hard, plan for the future, pay our bills, and just plane make the right choices in life being punished by having to pay for the upkeep of the chain smoking, 300+ pound, binge twinkie eating, story watching, pill popping, lard ass walking coronaries, that are becoming larger and larger sponges on an already taxed system. Keep it up and next time ACORN will need forklifts to get there constituents to the voting booths


Mock on missile defense

Obama scraps missile defense plans in Eastern Europe 

America takes one step back

Russia announces that they have in the works a missile that can’t be intercepted.                                                                            

Russia takes one step forward

Where the Hell do you think this is going to go



Liberals think that the age of one country attacking another is over , I ask this what events in resent history support this naïve view?